William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Shakespeare is responsible, through his own pen and via collaboration with others, for 39 plays and 154 sonnets. He composed his Tragedy of Macbeth during the reign of James I and based it on 11th Century Scottish kings. 

Macbeth was first performed in either 1606 or 1611 and first published in 1623. According to legend, Shakespeare sourced some of the witches’ incantations from an actual coven. Their utterance or misuse—and the failure to cast real witches in the roles—has led to disasters in production. Superstition therefore prohibits the utterance of the word Macbeth in a theater.


Daniel Aitken, illustrator

Daniel is a Scottish filmmaker, graphic designer, and artist. He received a BA from the Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art Painting & Printmaking, and Historical & Contemporary Art Studies.

In addition to directing music videos, he has hosted a late-night show for Subcity Radio.



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L.A. Theatre Works’ mission is to record and preserve great performances of important stage plays, maximizing the use of new technologies to make world-class theatre accessible to the widest possible audience, and to expand the use of theatre as a teaching tool.

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