The News about Jesus


The News about Jesus and How He Saved the World is a New Testament "sequel" that offers a faithful summary of the sacred writings about Jesus, his disciples, and God’s love for the world. 

Released in October 2018, it emphasizes the call to compassion and the mission of one who healed the sick, befriended the outcasts, and comforted the poor. 


Like an illuminated manuscript of old, scripture comes alive through expressive forms and vibrant colors. The prose style respects the young reader’s intelligence.

"It gathers up [the author's] knowledge, humor, imagination, aesthetic brilliance, and faith in the most wonderful way possible.” (Ellen Davis, Kearns Distinguished Professor of Bible and Practical Theology, Duke University)

The Junior Library Guild has awarded it a Gold Standard Seal for 2019.

It also won the 2019 Illumination Award for Best Children's Picture Book.

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Benjamin Morse

Author, illustrator, Orson co-founder, and CEO


Ben’s degrees in religion and art history include a BA from Vassar College, masters degrees from Oxford University and the Courtauld Institute of Art, and a PhD from Glasgow University. His doctoral dissertation is an interdisciplinary study of 20th Century art and the Hebrew Bible's "modern methods".

He founded Orson & Co. because he felt digital books lacked finesse--and that so many print books look the same.

The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever (2012) received starred reviews in Booklist and Jewish Book World and won gold and bronze independent publishing medals upon its release. 

In addition to being published in numerous magazines and academic publications, he has restored historic homes in the UK and designed and co-managed the first phase of a rural regeneration project in South Africa. His photographs have appeared in Italian Vogue and the international art-zine TAR.


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The Bible Beautiful Series offers free templates so that illustrations can be made at home or at school. They have been designed to fit on 8.5" x 11" (or A4) paper -- and grouped according to level of difficulty.

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