When I Come Around

When I Come Around

Benj Hewitt

Clinton still believes in a place called Hope, the dot-com boom is on the horizon, and the nation smells like teen spirit. It’s the early ‘90s, and a recent Harvard graduate figures everything is breaking his way. Until it isn’t.

Childhood begins to the sounds of Free to Be You and Me in Berkeley, California, where “mothers attend women’s groups; fathers prepare dinner; and grandparents are, in general, confused.” By the ‘80s, when former hippies have traded in their VW vans for BMWs, getting one’s ear pierced to commemorate Live Aid signifies the peak of activism.

Enter the era of Gen X, Green Day, and Dr. Dre. Late nights become heated over the merits of Dazed and Confused versus Schindler’s List. But when the narrator’s mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he slips into an escapist whirl of romantic liaisons and crystal meth benders.

This début novel blends humor and heartbreak as fantasies of how post-collegiate life is supposed to be are supplanted by the realities of what it means to grow up.

benj hewitt

Benj Hewitt

Benj Hewitt is an award-winning writer from Los Angeles who has written political essays for The Huffington Post. A self-contained chapter from this novel won the John Steinbeck Short Story Award and was included in The California Prose Directory, an anthology of the best California writing of 2014. Benj’s other short fiction has appeared in the literary magazines Reed, The California Prose Directory and The Rattling Wall.


Sam Riegel

Sam Riegel has been a voice and animation actor for over 100 films, games, and anime series. His roles include Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Phoenix Wright.

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  • Cover design by Rick Simner


  • Orson publication date: 2017
  • Original edition publication date: 2017
  • Original edition publisher: Orson & Co.
  • Narrator: Sam Riegel
  • Editor: Benjamin Morse

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