Anatomy of an Orson

The narrated, illustrated digital book

Unique design

Exquisite illustrations, custom content and a typeset feel mean each Orson looks like itself and nothing else.

Fully synched audio book

Narration by some of the world’s finest actors lights up the text as you move seamlessly between reading and listening.

The sound of the story

Archival tracks and exclusively commissioned pieces allow readers to hear music and speeches that relate to a scene.

Windows into the world

Illustrations can be tapped to reveal floating images that can be brought full screen, expanding the imagination’s visual horizons.

A richer experience

A pulldown menu within each Orson unveils image and video galleries, essays, maps and soundtracks that prevent distracting search excursions.

Authors and others

Connect with authors and other readers via social media, and learn how different Orsons first came to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Orson?

An Orson is the ultimate digital edition, created by authors and artists and inspired by the belief that tech should deepen the imaginative experience, not distract from it.

When will the Orson app be available?

Orson is currently inviting US and UK iPad and iPhone owners to download and preview its sample titles in its beta version of the free bookshelf app.

What does the app cost?

The Orson app is available for free in the App Store, for iPads and iPhones. Individual titles are purchased within the app using one’s Apple ID.

Why the name Orson?

The founders felt Morse & Mason sounded like a paint company, deleted a few letters, and liked the associations of Orson. They wanted an imaginative product name that preceded tech and was not linked to ebooks.

Is Orson available in languages other than English?

For 2017, Orson is available in English. Please check back as we continue to add support for more regions of the world.

I have a technical problem

Please contact our support center and someone will assist you as soon as possible:

I know of a book that should be made into an Orson

Please contact

I am interested in reviewing Orson(s).

Journalists, bloggers and other members of the media should please contact

Orson invites you to preview its US and UK apps.

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