Benjamin Morse

Benjamin Morse

Co-founder and CEO

Ben’s degrees in religion and art history include a BA from Vassar College, masters degrees from Oxford University and the Courtauld Institute of Art, and a PhD from Glasgow University.  He founded Orson & Co because he wanted to give digital books the opportunity to be as beautifully designed as books always have been.

Ben has written and designed a children’s Old Testament, The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever (2012), as both a book and an Orson. It received starred reviews in Booklist and Jewish Book World and won gold and bronze independent publishing medals upon its release (

In addition to being published in numerous magazines and academic publications, he has restored historic homes in the UK and designed and co-managed the first phase of a rural regeneration project in South Africa.  His photographs have appeared in Italian Vogue and the international art-zine TAR.

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